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  1. Mechanism of Smooth Stair Climbing for Hand Truck/Trolley
  2. Vehicle Jack
  3. Lug Nut Loosening Kit

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  • Invention Title No.1:

Mechanism of Smooth Stair Climbing for Hand Truck/Trolley


The present invention provides a mechanism for hand truck/trolley to climb stair smoothly. The mechanism utilised combination of rolling, sliding and moment action to yield the objective of smooth stair climbing. The structure of mechanism consists of a base (14) with length adjustable, fixed castor rollers (18), steel balls (24) and handle (22). Rolling means fixed castor rollers (18) with heavy load bearing capability roll and direction of roll are forward & backward. Sliding means base (14) of hand truck/trolley slides on edge of stair while climbs stair. Rolling element: steel balls (24) are mounted at bottom face of base (14) to reduce friction while sliding. Utilising moment action means reduce operating force required from user by eliminating action of lifting up hand truck/trolley while climbs stair. The mechanism consists of three (3) sequential phases: (a) prepare to climb phase, (b) climb phase, (c) move to next prepare to climb phase.

Highlights of the invented mechanism

Capable to climb stairs without additional core components by comparing with conventional trolley/hand truck. This means potential of no major additional component and assembly cost by having the stair climbing function.

Capable to carry object with length greater than base such as refrigerator by having an additional base as described in details in patent specification.

-Capable to extend invented stair climbing function to other products such as school bag, wheel chair, laundry basket, mop bucket, luggage, gas tank , mini shopping trolley etc.

Video of proof of concept prototype

MyIPO patent application Number:


PCT Application filed on 31 July 2019.

Patent specification gazette at PATENTSCOPE on 10/2020, 5 March 2020,  with Application Number: MY2019/000032

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  • InventionTitle No.2

Vehicle Jack

A lead screw type vehicle jack required less operating force , with higher safety level.


The present invention provides a jack to lift vehicle. The main structure consists
of :(i) a self-locking type lead screw (11) with nut; (ii) a structured frame (12); (iii)
a stand (13), mating between tubes of stand (13) and tubes of structured frame
(12) act as guidance system during lifting and lowering vehicle; (iv) a base (14)
to carry weight; (v) bolts (15), act as safety lock to support lifted weight; both
10 bolts are prefixed to stand (13) by connectors (16); (vi) a top frame (17) positions
at top of the device as strengthening structure and (vii) an actuator (18) of lead
screw (11) . The jack serves objectives of reduce operating force and increase
stability during lifting and lowering vehicle; in suitable form functions as jack
stand too. It is also relevant to other application area such as platform-lift hand

Requirement of guidance system

xL is distance from centre axis of tube to weight loading point at structured frame
To eliminate the risk of structured frame (12) stuck in position during lifting
vehicle, the left-side tube of structured frame (12) must satisfied:
β„Žπ‘’π‘–π‘”β„Žπ‘‘, β„ŽL > 2πœ‡sπ‘₯L
In the same way, the right-side tube of structured frame (12) must satisfied:
β„Žπ‘’π‘–π‘”β„Žπ‘‘, β„ŽR > 2πœ‡sxR
in which : xR distance measured from center axis of right tube to weight loading
point at structured frame (12). xL is distance from centre axis of left tube to weight loading point at structured frame(12). Β΅s is coefficient of static friction.

Highlights of the invented jack

The actuation point of the jack in which the wrench attached to is a stationary point means it doesn’t move relative to the base of jack as what we could see in conventional scissor jack. This yield higher safety level .

Required less operating force i)as no lost of force at actuation point as what happened in scissor jack. ii) by eliminate hinge design in both end of lead screw found in scissor jack which induced great lose of force.

In suitable form could functions as 2 in 1 jack means to serve as jack and jack stand in a single unit.

MyIPO patent application Number:


Patent specification published on 1 March 2022

  • Invention Title No.3

Lug Nut Loosening Kit

An invention intended to reduce operating force required to loosen lug nut during changing flat tire.

MyIPO patent application Number: PI2021000944


The invented lug nut loosening kit comprises of : a lug wrench (11) with one or more ear form feature along the bar; a bracket (12) with a slot for locating the ear form feature of lug wrench(11) and a thread bolt at bottom surface; a hydraulics bottle jack (13) as linear actuator having a piston with thread hole for mating with thread bolt of bracket (12); linear actuator in this context means the capability to move the bracket (12) in vertical direction only; the bracket (12) has a slot with flat horizontal surface for the ear form feature of lug wrench (11) to slide on it. The invented kit could have bracket (12) with double slots and lug wrench (11) with double bars to cope for the application in low profile vehicle. The invented kit could be used to tighten the lug nut by changing the lug wrench (11) to torque wrench having one or more ear form feature along the bar.

Additional Info

Invention titled” Mechanism of Smooth Stair Climbing for Hand Truck/Trolley could integrate with invention title “Vehicle Jack” to introduce a trolley in transporting refrigerator like goods by having capability of i) jack up or down the goods from the lorry ii)climb the stairs of an apartment building.

Invention titled” Vehicle Jack ” could integrate with invention title “Lug nut Loosening Kit” to introduce a complete solution of changing flat tire, in which very minimal operating fore is required , ideal for all adults regardless the age group and gender. To use the invention”Vehicle jack” as actuator in invention”Lug nut loosening kit” constraint the user to comply with requirements of loosen the lug nut before jack up vehicle and jack down vehicle before tighten the lug nut after changed wheel.

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